Friday, November 16, 2012

In The Face Of Healthcare Reform, New Life Offers Added IVF Resources, Savings

New Life Agency Adds Yet Another Program Provider,
Pharmacy Discounts to Patients with Donors 

New Life Agency is pleased to announce the addition of Island Reproductive Services to their cutting-edge Assisted Reproduction Insurance Program® (ARI). With the addition of Island Reproductive Services, with centers in Staten Island and New Jersey, patients participating in New Life ARI coverage programs can now choose from 12 preferred providers throughout the East Coast and most of Southern California.

New Life Agency continues to build its network of participating ARI centers in their quest to bring assisted reproduction help within the reach of more and more people hoping to build a family. According to Gary Hickox, New Life CEO, the company’s revolutionary IVF insurance coverage is poised to play an even larger role than it has already.

 “With the election behind us and the new Healthcare Reform ahead,” said Hickox, “it seems inevitable that what limited IVF coverage exists in only 15 states today will surely dwindle in 2014. Currently the Affordable Health Care Act does not provide coverage for infertility, and it is not listed as an ‘Essential Health Benefit’.  As a result, many more couples will face the heartbreak of infertility. New Life Agency shines a bright beacon of hope, continuing to offer some of the best financial solutions in the country for the ever-rising costs of IVF treatments, procedures and fertility medications.”


Unprecedented IVF Coverage
New Life Agency is the only company specializing exclusively in Assisted Reproduction Insurance®.  The breakthrough ARI program provides a tremendous cost savings, as well as peace of mind, to patients in need of in vitro fertilization (IVF).  The average cost for IVF is roughly $12,000 and generally only provides for one cycle.  The use of frozen embryos is typically not included in the cost and could result in another $3,000 for a frozen embryo transfer (FET).  

Couples with New Life’s ARI program pay one global fee upfront for their IVF treatments. The ARI program plans include both FET, as well as fresh cycles, and patients pay nothing else out of pocket for the entire 18 month program. Insurance, consults, fertility treatment, testing and services are included within the chosen plan.

“With each new ARI Provider that joins our program, I see this industry partnering in ways I have never seen before,” said Trish Taylor, President and Founder of New Life Agency. “We are continually asking IVF doctors and pharmacies to share the risk with us and negotiate their cash pay prices down to serve more patients who cannot afford the help they need to create their family. We must all come together– centers, pharmacies, and insurers like New Life – to fill the huge, heartbreaking gap of zero infertility coverage being available to patients through major medical.” 


Walgreens Partners with Pharmacy Care Card®
The Fertility Pharmacy Care Card®, servicing patients for over three years, is providing patients with donors the same extreme savings in medications. Patients with donor cycles now save $100 discount for each $1,000 purchase of stimulation medication through Walgreens. It’s easy to sign-up at There is a one-time $25 fee for the card, offset by an added bonus: Once enrolled, patients will receive a $25 Walgreens Gift Card to use toward purchases at any Walgreens location.

Angela was stressed when her first IVF procedure was unsuccessful. “My experience with the Pharmacy Card was wonderful,” she reports. “Everyone was fast and expedited my medications needed for the second try, and the after-hours pharmacist was amazingly helpful.” Patient Angela is now a happy mom with twin girls!

 “In this economy, families already feel financial stress. Now imagine adding the stress of infertility,” said Hickox. “It’s wonderful to be able have our company offer solutions to such huge challenges. New Life is changing the face of the assisted reproduction industry by providing programs the doctors and pharmacies can participate in to demonstrate their commitment to helping patients.”

New Life Agency has created a ground-breaking array of Assisted Reproduction Insurance® products and programs. To find out more, visit


Thursday, October 18, 2012

First-Ever Global Newborn Twins Medical Insurance Announced

“Newborn Twins Insurance is a critical need in the fertility insurance marketplace,” stated Trish Taylor, President and Founder of New Life Insurance Agency. “Parents around the world are suffering financially today, and this insurance provides them protection and peace of mind in the event of premature birth and other medical costs associated with newborn twins.”

New Life Agency’s Newborn Twins Insurance is the only plan of its type in the world, made possible by the company’s longstanding relationship with the world’s specialist insurance market. The plan provides coverage for twins born to parents who do not qualify for U.S. based medical insurance as non-residents. The $50,000 premium buys $1 million worth of coverage, with a $50,000 deductible. The deductible is fully refundable once all deductible claims are paid for the twins medical expenses.

“There has been a definite need for twins coverage in the marketplace as more and more global parents choose twin births as a means to expand their families,” said Gary Hickox, CEO of New Life Agency. “We listened to the marketplace and have developed a specific insurance targeted to meeting the needs of those parents and their babies worldwide.”

Top U.S. and global surrogacy agencies are enthusiastic about the latest New Life fertility insurance breakthrough.

“This twins insurance plan is exactly what we’ve been asking New Life to create. We are thrilled with this new product and are sure that our international clients will be equally pleased with the protection and safety this policy provides.”
           Stuart Bell, CEO
                        Growing Generations

 “Once again New Life has recognized a need and offered the right product.  We are pleased that parents have the option to minimize the potential burdensome costs of twins at an affordable price.  We will recommend this product to our parents.  Thank you, New Life.”
            Karen Synesiou, Co-Owner, Co-Director
                        Center for Surrogate Parenting

 This twins insurance plan adds another layer of protection for individuals embarking on reproductive journeys in the United States.  We are pleased that New Life has expanded their insurance offerings to give our clients a breadth of choices in this ever changing market.”
                        Melissa Brisman, Owner
                        Reproductive Possibilities

In addition, New Life Agency announced today additions to their global single-baby insurance, as well.

  • The International Newborn Care Plan® – Platinum: $500,000 coverage for a premium of $50,000
  • The International Newborn Care Plan® – Gold: $250,000 coverage for a premium of $25,000
  • The International Newborn Care Plan® – Silver:  $100,000 coverage for a premium of $10,000 (New Life’s original coverage plan now christened as the Silver Coverage
All of the International Newborn Care Plan polices for single babies carry a $15,000 deductible. Just as with the twins insurance and the current International Newborn Care policy, the deductible is fully refundable once all deductible claims are paid for the babies medical expenses.

Prospective parents can buy New Life’s singleton or twins coverage, and if there is a change in the status of the pregnancy, can transfer to the appropriate plan.

“New Life is the only insurance agency specializing in Assisted Reproduction Insurance®,” said Hickox. “These plans join our broad array of cutting-edge insurance programs, available today by speaking with New Life policy coordinators. These new products follow our recent industry-shaking price cuts. Though we had not increased premiums and deductible in four years, we announced savings of more than 20% on our most popular plans – while medical costs increased a total of 65%. This strongly demonstrates how committed we are to continue leading the way in providing truly revolutionary solutions to support people in expanding their families.”

 New Life’s newborn twins and singletons medical coverage’s will be unveiled on October 22nd, 2012 at the 68th Annual American Society for Reproduction Medicine (ASRM) Conference in San Diego.  ASRM is a multidisciplinary organization dedicated to the advancement of the art, science, and practice of reproductive medicine.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Life Agency Announces Unprecedented Price Cuts

Further Reduced Pricing Brings the Cost of IVF Insurance to All-Time Low

For countless couples across the globe hoping to build a family, New life Agency continues to find new ways to make the wonders of today’s infertility treatment technology increasingly accessible and affordable.  

New Life’s breakthrough Assisted Reproduction Insurance® (ARI) programs are unprecedented in scope, providing coverage for maternity, in vitro fertilization complications, intended parents, surrogates and egg donors.  But what is also unprecedented are the lengths the company goes through to put IVF within the reach of more hopeful moms and dads everywhere.

New Life rocked the IVF insurance world in the Summer of 2012 with back-to-back price cuts on major product offerings in June and July and then in August, the introduction of their breakthrough IVF Insurance Plan Program®.  The first of its kind in the U.S., the insurance program not only provides coverage for complications of the IVF process itself - it enables people to make payments over an 18-month period at 0% interest.

With Fall in the air, it’s obvious the company has earned its place as market creator, market innovator and market leader and is the undisputed price leader, as well. Future moms and dads will now realize even deeper savings on New Life’s premium Surrogate Maternity Care® programs!

New Surrogate Maternity Care® pricing:
  • $3,950 Surrogate Maternity Care® Silver (previously $5,000)
  • $5,950 Surrogate Maternity Care® Gold (previously $7,000)
  • $9,950 Surrogate Maternity Care® Platinum (previously $10,900)

“The prices we’re offering on IVF plans and Surrogate Maternity programs are unheard of in the industry. It’s an exciting development for prospective parents and the medical community alike,” said Gary Hickox, New Life CEO. “Today’s medical science and talented specialists can do more than ever before to help people realize their dream of parenthood.  Making that happen is what we’ve always been about.”

Global Reach

The savings extend to future moms and dads the world over. What began as a mission targeted to help people in the U.S. has taken on global proportions. “Our international insurance programs are helping to produce healthy babies — and ecstatic new parents — everywhere,” said Trish Taylor, Founder and President of New Life Agency. “We just returned from the Alternative Parenting Show in London, where we were able to reach out to people from so many different countries, all looking to build a family.”
New Look to be Unveiled at ASRM

As it changes the face of Assisted Reproductive Insurance®, New Life has created a new face for itself. At the upcoming American Society for Reproductive Medicine Annual Meeting (ASRM) in San Diego October 20-24, in addition to its offering of revolutionary programs at incredible new prices, New Life will be unveiling its new look with an exciting new tradeshow booth and collateral materials.

 “What could be a more fitting symbol for New Life than, literally, a ‘tree of life’ composed of loving families — heterosexual couples, same-sex couples and individuals — who have made their dream of becoming a family, a reality,” said Taylor. 

New Life Agency has created a groundbreaking array of Assisted Reproduction Insurance® products and programs. To find out more, visit 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Life Agency Launches Unprecedented 0% Interest IVF Payment Plan

New Life Agency, Inc. has been a trailblazer in making infertility treatment available to more and more people the world over. The company’s innovative Assisted Reproductive Insurance Program® (ARI) has been nothing short of revolutionary in its comprehensive, affordable coverage for maternity, in vitro fertilization treatment, patients, intended parents, surrogates and egg donors.

Now, immediately following its recent dramatic price reductions across its broad offering of insurance programs, New Life is once again breaking new ground. It’s new IVF Insurance Payment Plan Programsm is the only one of its kind in the U.S., and available to patients and hopeful parents across the globe:

Under the IVF Insurance Payment Plan Program:

  • Couples pay $4,000 down, and $299 per month for 18 months, for one IVF cycle.
  • In-clinic benefits include: consultation, ovarian reserve testing, semen testing, uterus testing, ultrasound examinations, hormonal testing during stimulation, egg retrieval and embryo transfer, one serum hCG level to determine pregnancy.
  • If the initial IVF cycle does not result in a pregnancy, patients can choose between two additional treatment options at no additional cost: (1) Frozen embryo transfer cycles using all of the remaining frozen embryos from the initial IVF cycle, or (2) Two additional fresh cycles excluding frozen embryo transfers.
  • $250,000 Complications Insurance
  • Patients choose their own physician, no ‘network’ restrictions
“What we’re offering is truly a first,” said Trish Taylor, New Life President and Founder. “An insurance program that not only covers the in vitro fertilization, but also complications that may occur – with a no-interest payment plan. Our claims division and customer care advocates will contract with any physician of the patients choice in the U.S. so patients do not have to choose from a list of ‘in-network’ IVF specialists; And to offer additional savings patients may also receive $100 discount on each $1,000 of stimulation medication through our Fertility Pharmacy Care Card®, which is in itself a tremendous savings.”

 “The bottom line for us has always been to find new ways to bring infertility technology within reach of people everywhere by offering more choices and greater affordability. We are continually rolling out new products that are entirely unique in the marketplace,” added Gary Hickox, New Life CEO.

New Life Agency will unveil the program at the Alternative Parenting Show in London, England on Saturday, September 15, 2012. The one-day event is the largest show of its kind, with a host of exhibitors, seminars and industry experts on hand to provide information and support to same-sex couples, heterosexual couples and individuals dreaming of having a family.

“It’s our first appearance at the London Show, and an important step for us,” said Hickox, “50 percent of the couples we serve reside outside the U.S. The global reach of New Life Agency is allowing us to help create healthy families in countries around the world.”

New Life Agency has created a groundbreaking array of Assisted Reproduction Insurance® products and programs. To find out more, visit 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Life Agency Announces Even More Price Reductions

On the heels of recent price reductions on many of its innovative insurance plans, New Life Agency has announced it is offering dramatic savings on three more of its major product offerings – all designed to put the latest fertility technology within the reach of hopeful couples everywhere.

New Life offers the most comprehensive fertility insurance in the world, providing Assisted Reproductive Insurance® for maternity, in vitro fertilization complications, patients, intended parents, surrogates and egg donors.  The company services all facets of the process – applications, underwriting, approvals and issuance of certificates of coverage.

“The sole purpose this company was founded in 1998 was to help people create healthy families,” said Gary Hickox, New Life CEO. “The plans we’ve developed have been nothing short of revolutionary, and we’ve strived to make the cost affordable to families dealing with infertility or in need of a surrogate. Today, families are facing added economic challenges, so we’re putting our money where our mouth is. It’s extremely rare to see price reductions such as this in the insurance industry.”

In addition to previously announced price reductions on its Egg Donor Cycle Insurance, Surrogate Maternity Care® Insurance, Surrogate Maternity Care Card®, Surrogate Accidental Death Insurance®, International Newborn Care Card®, and Back-Up Plans, New Life announces these important changes:

·         Surrogate Maternity Comprehensive Care Plan

o   Guaranteed fixed premium until you reach a successful pregnancy up to 26 weeks

o   Multiple cycles insurance included

o   Coverage expanded to Worldwide Treatment

o   Reduced from $16,500 to $15,700 – a $1,050 savings

·         International Newborn Care Plan (INC)

o   Coverage for international residents not living in the U.S.

o   Coverage expanded – previously strictly catastrophic care, now covers well-baby care.

o   Reduced from $10,750 to $10,000

·         Egg Donor Coverage

o   Coverage expanded to Worldwide Treatment including egg donors in Canada

“New Life Agency will continue to respond to the needs of the marketplace and, most importantly, to the dreams of people wanting to build a family,” said Trish Taylor, New Life President and Founder. “We are continually looking for new ways to provide new opportunities in both products and pricing.”

New Life Agency has created a groundbreaking array of Assisted Reproduction Insurance® products and programs. To find out more, visit

Monday, July 9, 2012

Birth announcements April and May 2012

New Life Agency, Inc. Proudly Announces April and May Births. Congratulations to our happy families and Thank You for allowing us to be part of your amazing journey!


April 2012

Ramon born April 2012
Christian born April 2012
Tess born April 2012
Yan born April 2012
Fillip & Nikolaj born April 2012
Mai & Masaki born April 2012

May 2012

Allegra born May 2012
Stella born May 2012
Calum born May 2012
Anna born May 2012
Joanas born May 2012
Abril born May 2012
Silvana & Bianca born May 2012
Alea & David born May 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Life Agency Has Dramatically Reduced Prices on Insurance Programs

New Life Agency, Inc. has made the latest infertility technology even more accessible to couples wanting to build a family. The company has dramatically reduced prices on a number of its revolutionary discount and insurance products, it was announced today by Gary Hickox, CEO of New Life Agency.

New Life Agency provides Assisted Reproduction Insurance® for maternity, in vitro fertilization complications, intended parents, surrogates and egg donors.  New Life offers the most comprehensive fertility and maternity medical insurance programs in the world and services all facets of the insurance process – from the application process and underwriting to approvals and issuance of certificate coverage.  

Since opening its doors in 1998, New Life Agency has helped parents welcome over 1,700 babies into their families, processing over 100,000 claims and paying over $20 million in benefits. Even though the company has always offered unprecedented coverage at a cost designed to bring infertility care within the reach of the hopeful couples everywhere, the decision was made to reduce program prices even further.    

“In the 14 years we’ve been in business, our market place has evolved substantially from surrogacy to serving the broader infertility market,” said Hickox.  “And as the market has evolved, there are people of varying economic means faced with the infertility challenge.  We took this pricing action to make our product more affordable across the board for families challenged either by infertility or those in need of a surrogate.”

Program Price reductions include:

$195 Egg Donor Only Cycle Insurance(SM) (was $245)

$345 Egg Donor Recipient Cycle Insurance(SM) (was $395)

$395 Surrogate Accidental Death Insurance® (was $595)

$1,995 Surrogate Maternity Care Card® (was $3,495 - $4,495)

$1,995 International Newborn Care Card® Singleton (was $2,995)

$2,995 International Newborn Care Card® Twins (was $3,995)

$3,995 International Newborn Care Card® Triplets (was $4,995)

$4,995 International Newborn Care Card® Quadruplets (was $5,995)

$5,000 Surrogate Maternity Care® Silver (was $6,050)

$7,000 Surrogate Maternity Care® Gold (was $8,050)

$10,900 Surrogate Maternity Care® Platinum (was $11,950)

100% REFUND is offered on all Surrogate Maternity Care® plans above if no confirmation of pregnancy occurs.

New Life Agency has even reduced prices on their Back Up Plans. With a Back Up Plan in place, a portion of the pregnancy costs would be paid by New Life if the insured’s health insurance denies coverage for surrogacy. The premium is 100% refundable, minus a required broker fee, if the Backup Plan is not activated.

BACK UP PLAN Price Reductions:

$5,000 Back Up Plan- If plan is not activated 100% of premium is refunded less the $1,500 Broker Fee (was $6,050)

$7,000 Back Up Plan- If plan is not activated 100% of premium is refunded less the $1,500 Broker Fee (was $8,050)

$10,900 Back Up Plan- If plan is not activated 100% of premium refunded less $1,500 Broker Fee (was $11,950)

 We want peace of mind protection to be affordable,” said Trish Taylor, President and Founder of New Life Agency. “By reducing our prices, this will allow us to help create more families than ever before.”

New Life Agency offers more Assisted Reproduction Insurance® products and programs directly related to IVF Insurance for infertile patients. To find out more information got to